RTParody 0.3.1 Changelog - The Quest Update

Disclaimer, this update is being put out in its current state because I promised it would only be a few days until the next update and it has already been over a week. This is due to both the back end scope of what was being added in this update being larger than originally planned and my day job kept calling me in to cover shifts on days I was going to work on development.


  • The quest system. This includes both a quest tab on the menu and a better organization of the quests.
  • Semi random enemies. Encounters will now be a random mix of enemies from a list of appropriate options for the area.


  • Therese's dialogue will only happen when he is in the party. This is the first step in preparing to give him a special character quest that will slowly be getting added as time goes by.

Known Problems:

  • The quest system is only half implemented so quest descriptions may not be complete along with some other minor problems.
  • Enemy balance is way off. Going to try to make this the next goal after I finish getting the quest system fully implemented.


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Apr 16, 2018

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