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Well here we are my first game upload on itch.io. Hopefully it will be the first of many, but we will see.

Wild West: Remnants is a game that has an interesting backstory on how it happened. Right about the time the 2015 IGMC contest started a friend of mine had just started school for graphic design. Since graphics were always my weakest talent (at least in my opinion) I figured that we could test out some of his new skills. Three weeks into a one month game jam and I finally got back the first few pieces of artwork that I had asked him to make to supplement an existing graphics pack I had. The work was nothing like what I was hoping for. So with just over a week left I scrambled to make new versions from scratch of what I had asked for and hacked section after section out of the game to end up with a barely playable teaser of what the game was supposed to be.

This game still has a big place in my heart however and it was just a few weeks ago when getting some other files off my old computer that I came across the files I needed to work on this game again. It isn't the only project I've been batting around working on, but if anyone seems at least semi-interested in it let me know.


Wild West Remnants.exe 219 MB
Oct 29, 2017

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