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***Warning: This game contains certain material that could be upsetting. This was not done to be offensive but instead to show just what members of the LGBT+ community sometimes have to deal with.***

A high school student tags along with his friend to a LGBT Club meeting and ends up learning a lot about himself.


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This is a really cool game! I love the characters and the art style. I keep encountering one glitch where, when I try to select a character to talk to, it returns me to the chapter intro screen and then the "select a character to talk to" menu again, which turns into this weird loop. It might just be my laptop though, it's lowkey ancient lmao. Otherwise I really like it and I'm looking forward to playing whatever other stuff, if any, you release!

I have the same issue where you keep getting returned to a loop on the 3rd visit to the club where Ace isn't there with you from being sick.

REEEEEE i wish i had a windows laptop lol. Is it possible to make a work for mac os. 

It is something that will be done eventually. In an ideal world this will be released for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS in time. I just have to get some problems straightened out behind the scenes first.

ok! thanks!

I really enjoyed this game. It's got a good story line which I found good and the characters are loveable

This game is still being finished. I hope you like the rest of the story as well once it's done. If you like the characters however I suggest you play my other game as well which is a prequel to this one. I just recently finished up that story.

The Game seems  promising, there needs to be a wa to decide the character's preferences , there also seems to be lack on a Asexual character.is the game supposed to stay at a black screen or was that the end of the demo?

Asexual, intersex, non-binary, and a few other groups will be getting representation in the next game in the series. I want to make sure that those characters are getting written well and I wanted to wait till I had people working on the project that identify as such so that I could run the script past them.

please add a setting where we can change the gender of the narrator ;-; Jane wont talk to me cuz she keeps glitching out ;-;

Sorry for the long wait on this reply. The narrator's gender is not selectable because of a certain character arc that is in the process of being added into the game.

Woo I have been waiting for this to be released

It's nowhere near complete, but let me know what you think of it so far.

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So far it looks really good the sprites look nice and the one thing I currently wish that I could name the main character.

The character will eventually be getting a name, but I am not putting in the option to name the character as a specific design choice. This is because of a major story point that will be later in the game and I just haven't written that far yet. The sprites I can't take credit for. There are some of the default assets that come with the game engine I am using. When the game is finished as far as story goes I am considering starting a Kickstarter for a version of the game that will have all original artwork and hopefully voice overs and with any luck a few more nice features. This version of the game which will contain the same story as the fancier version will always be available for free because I feel that the subject matter and representation shouldn't be gated off because someone has limited money available. With any luck this is a development model for at least my visual novel games that I hope to be able to continue to use.


Honestly the game seems like it has promise! Do what you feel is right and don't feel pressured.